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Alaska Tug and Frieght Mariners

Shipping goods by sea to the 49th state

by Paula Cottrell, Alaska Business Monthly

For many in Alaska, summer means warmer temperatures and longer days.  To others in remote areas of the state, it also means the beginning of frieght season.

Frieght comes into Alaska one of two ways - by air or by sea.  According to the Port of Anchorage, 90 percent of all consumer goods sold in Alaska's Railbelt arrive by containerships.  The freight is usually either trucked to its final destination by a common carrier, or it will travel by rail on the Alaskan Railroad.

As active as the Port of Anchorage is, being located at the mouth of Cook Inlet presents its own challenges - 40 foot tides, six months of winter, and ice up to four feet thick.  Containerships and barges serving the area rely on a single local company to help them guide thier way through the treacherous waters of Cook Inlet.    To read more click here.

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