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Port of Anchorage

Port Modernization Project
Port of Anchorage on a Sunny Day
Aerial View Of The Port of Anchorage
Aerial View of the Port of Anchorage from over the downtown park strip
Port of Anchorage looking East over the water
Painting of the Port of Anchorage featuring the USS Anchorage

About the Port

The Port of Anchorage (POA) is a deep-water port located in Anchorage, Alaska with 4 bulk carrier berths and two petroleum berths.

The POA is an enterprise department under the Municipality of Anchorage. As an enterprise, the Port is distinguished from other types of municipal departments, largely because it creates enough revenue to support its operations along with paying annual fees to the municipality.

The Port Director is appointed by the Mayor and reports to the Municipal Manager. In many ways, despite its enterprise distinction, the Port acts as a standard municipal department with the Assembly approving the annual budget and with contract services, financial support and other day-to-day activities managed by the appropriate municipal department and subject to all municipal code.

For a quick factsheet on who the Port of Anchorage is, click here

Common vessels that call on the Port:

  • Cargo (TOTE & Horizon/twice weekly)
  • Fuel tankers and barges
  • Dry Bulk (cement)
  • Pipe Ships (3-4 this year)
  • Cruise Ships (varies, summer seasons)
  • Other (large bulk shipments such as turbines, military vessels and industrial machinery)

 The Port is a "landlord" Port which means that we charge users for real estate and dock use and are responsible for maintenance, management and upkeep.

The Port does not provide in-house stevedoring services services.  Customers calling on the Port are required to secure these services on their own.

Alaska Association of Harbormasters & Port Administrators Conference 2015
10/12/2015 - 10/15/2015 Anchorage, AK

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